Using lists

If you want to organize your reports into a more manageable format, then adding them to a list can help especially when you have a large number of reports already. You may also want to add businesses to lists depending on the campaigns you are running, the sector they operate in, or by opportunity.

Adding reports to a list

To add a report to a list, you first need to click the All reports button to see your existing reports. Select the reports you want to add to your list by checking the box before the thumbnail view of the business. When you have selected at least one report, a popup will appear at the bottom of the screen allowing you to add the selected reports to a list.


Adding a report to a list

Adding a report to a list

You can either choose an existing list from the drop-down menu, or add the reports to a new list by selecting the relevant option, and then selecting + Add to list.

Selecting + New list will display a text field so that you can create your own list, otherwise the reports will be added to your default list.

It is also possible to add one report to multiple lists if necessary, and the process is the same as above.

Viewing existing lists

Once you have added at least one report to a list, you can view your existing lists by:

  1. Clicking on the profile silhouette in the top right-hand corner
  2. Selecting Lists from the pop-up menu

You will then be presented with a page that displays all your lists, including a running count of the number of sites on each list. Selecting the name of your list will take you into the list, allowing you to see all the reports included.

Deleting reports from existing lists

If you need to remove a report from an existing list, then you need to follow the steps in Viewing existing lists, and then select the list that includes the report you want to delete.

Once in your list, select the report you want to delete by checking the box next to the thumbnail of the website, and the pop-up menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. From this menu, select Remove from this list and all selected reports will be deleted from that list.

It is worth noting that removing a report from a list does not delete the report from Insites.

Deleting entire lists

Should you need to delete an entire list, follow the steps for Viewing existing lists, in order to see the overview of your lists. Next to each list is a red box with a cross in it, selecting that will display a confirmation dialogue asking if you are sure you want to delete that list. Select Delete this list to confirm.


Delete an entire list with confirmation dialogue

Delete an entire list with confirmation dialogue

Again, it is worth noting that deleting a list does not delete the reports from Insites.

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