Sharing reports

You can use Insites to share the report of the business you have just analyzed, with your client. But before you do, please remember that this feature is designed to provide a quick and personal way of sharing the report with a client you have already spoken to, rather than sending out bulk emails speculatively. Customers who abuse this feature may risk having this disabled within their account.

If you need to run email campaigns to a wider audience, then it may be more beneficial using our Inbound tool to capture user data, then combining this with an email campaign tool.

You can share a report a number of ways:

  1. Use Insites’s Share this report feature to send it via email from within the tool itself
  2. Generate a downloadable PDF of the report so that you can either send this manually as an attachment, or if you want to keep a copy of the report locally
  3. Create a unique, shareable link that can be sent to clients.

If you use the Share this report feature, you can also track any activity – such as whether your client has received the email, when they downloaded the report and how many times they have viewed the report. Detailed activity tracking is only available to administrators, but more information on this can be found on this page.

How to share a report

Select the report that you want to share, using the All reports button to search for the relevant report if it is not the one you are already using. From the Overview screen, select the first icon underneath the overall score where a popup menu will appear giving you the option to select the Share this report feature.

Selecting this will open a new menu with three tabs – one for Email, one for Download and one for Link:


Clicking on the first icon underneath the report's overall score will bring up a popup menu where you can share a report via email, or choose to download it as a PDF

How to share a report


Insites automatically defaults to sharing the report via email, and to do this you need to enter the relevant details in the relevant boxes. Add the recipient’s email address and full name, and then ensure you check the relevant boxes under Sections to include. If you want to be notified via email whenever your client opens your email, ensure that you check the Email me when my email is opened box.

The left-hand side of the screen will show you a preview of the email you are about to send, as well as allowing you to edit this. You can customize this default message if you wish.

When you are happy with the email, click Send mail and then your report will be shared to the email address you specified.


If you need to download the report as a PDF, select the Download tab at the top. You can select the sections you want to include and then select Download now and save the resulting PDF to your preferred location.


You can create a shareable link within Insites that can be used by clients to visit the report. When creating the link, you have the option to select which parts of the report will be viewable by the client when they use the link – such as Overview, Detail and Competitors. It is also possible to choose whether your personal details will appear in the header of the report. This can be edited by updating your user profile.

Tracking sharing activity

The benefit of using Insites’s Share this report feature means that users can track any activity on that particular report when it has been shared. This makes it possible to track when a client downloads the PDF report shared with them, and how many times they have viewed the report. If email notifications have been enabled, the user will also be notified whenever the client downloads the report and can follow up accordingly.

To see activity against any reports that have been shared via Insites, find the report you want to check the activity for using the All reports button and either searching for the report or navigating to it manually. Once in the report and when you can see the Overview screen, click on the cog icon underneath the overall score to access the Report settings.

On the left-hand menu, select Activity and then the user will be presented with a table that shows details of all activity associated with that particular report, including who the activity came from (usually the user and the client(s)).

Customizing the share email template

If you want to change the default share email template that appears whenever you wish to share a report via email, you can easily do this from within your account settings. Click on the silhouette profile picture next to the All reports button and then select your name in the menu that appears (usually the second option).

You will then see the Share email template option on the right-hand side menu, and selecting it will present you with a preview and edit screen. Click Edit and then customize the message to your liking, selecting Save when finished. You can add auto-populated fields, which are typically:

  • [[business]] : The business name (falls back to the URL if we are not able to detect the name)
  • [[name]] : The email recipient’s name
  • [[link]] : A link to download the Insites report
  • [[agentName]] : Name of user sending the Insites report

Resetting the share email template to default

Should you want to reset the share email template to the default value, following the instructions above except simply click the Reset to default and save button from within the Edit section.

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