Presenting reports

Screenshot of the presentation mode view

Once you have generated a report by analyzing a business, you may wish to present this to your client and Insites makes this process easy. Once you are within the report of the business you want to discuss and you have prepared it to present, you can access the presentation mode by clicking on the middle icon underneath the overall score, and then clicking on Present.

This will take you to an almost identical view, but you will notice that the search bar, all reports button and profile silhouette are hidden from view. Once in presentation mode, you can discuss your findings with your client without any visual distractions. Please be aware that you cannot make any modifications to the report, such as adding competitors and products, so be sure to prepare your report before presenting it to your client.

You will still be able to see the following sections from within presentation mode:

  • Overview
  • Detail
  • Competitors
  • Proposal

Hiding and un-hiding tests from presentation mode

If you need to hide certain test results from presentation mode, it is very easy to do so. You may need to do this if a particular Insites test is not relevant to your client, or if Insites is not able to accurately detect a particular result. More information on the limitations of automated testing can be found on this page, which will help explain why this can happen occasionally.

You must hide tests before entering presentation mode!

From the overview screen, you will notice that a cross appears whenever you hover over any of the test results. If you click on this cross, the test will be hidden from the presentation mode:

If you hover over each test result within the overview screen, a cross icon will appear and allow you to click on it to hide that result from the presentation mode.

Hide unnecessary test results from presentation mode

Un-hiding a previously hidden test result

If you need to restore a hidden test result, the process is similar to hiding it. You can see how many tests are hidden when viewing the overview page before entering presentation mode. This is marked by a footnote in each section that will display the number of hidden tests (e.g. + 2 hidden in the example below). Selecting this will display which tests are hidden and will allow you to restore them too, by simply selecting Restore next to the test you want to unhide:

Selecting the "+ 1 hidden" underneath each section on the Overview page, will show you which tests are hidden (if any) and give you the option to restore them.

Restoring a hidden test result

Any hidden tests restored, will now appear in presentation mode.

Exiting presentation mode

To exit presentation mode, simply click on the cross icon underneath the overall score and then select Exit presentation mode. This will return you to Insites where you can continue editing or adding new businesses to analyze.

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