Filtering existing reports

One of Insites’s unique features is the ability to filter existing reports based on the results generated. This feature, which can also be combined with Insites’s ability to create lists for specific reports, provides users with a quick and simple way of identifying opportunities by selecting sites that perform poorly in key areas.

Adding filters

It is a quick and simple process adding filters to your existing reports. There are a wide range of filters to select, but the following process applies in all instances:

  1. Select All reports next to the profile silhouette in the top right-hand corner to bring up all your reports
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, choose the filter you would like to add from the drop-down menu called Select Filter
  3. Once you have selected the test you want to filter by, select the Add filter button
  4. The filter will be added, but you need to define the result you wish to filter by
  5. A new drop-down menu will appear underneath the filter you have just added – selecting this will provide you with various options relevant to that particular filter – e.g. typically, Yes or No, or Above or Below a predefined number.


Applying the Insites Score filter

Applying the Insites Score filter

Available filters

The following filters can be applied:

  1. Insites score
  2. Backlinks
  3. Domain age (in days)
  4. Duplicated titles and descriptions
  5. Facebook page likes
  6. Last updated (in days)
  7. Missing titles or descriptions
  8. Mobile friendly (yes or no)
  9. Monthly organic traffic
  10. Number of pages
  11. Number of words
  12. Page load time (in seconds)
  13. Tablet friendly
  14. Twitter followers
  15. Uses AdWords
  16. Uses analytics software

Combining filters

It is possible to combine filters to be even more specific. The process is the same as Adding filters, but you simply add more filters as required.

Quick example

You want to target businesses with slow websites, that do not use AdWords and are not mobile friendly. This business clearly needs some expert help! To find sites that meet these requirements, you would add the following filter:

  • Page load time (in seconds) = above 5
  • Uses AdWords = No
  • Mobile friendly = No

The best way to learning how filters work is to try them out, and use multiple combinations to better identify the most suitable opportunities.


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