Analyzing a business

To analyze a business, you first need to have found one using the search bar. Once you are satisfied that the business is the one you want to test, simply click on the Analyze button. Insites will analyze the site and a progress bar will be displayed whilst the report is being generated. This process usually takes between 30 and 90 seconds, but can vary from time to time.

When Insites has finished analyzing the site, a score will be generated and displayed next to the business name. This is the site’s overall score, out of 100. For a more detailed explanation of the score, please take a look at our page on the score.

Retesting a business

If you want to retest a business to generate a new, updated score, then you need to go to the existing report first. You do this by clicking on the yellow All reports button in the top right-hand corner of the screen (next to the search bar). Find the business you want to retest and then click on it to view the report.

Next to the business name, you will see a symbol that looks like a circular arrow. Click this icon and then a new report will be generated as above. Please note that retesting a business will generate a new report which will be deducted from your usage as part of your plan.

Retest a business to generate a new report

Retest a business to generate a new report

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