Custom outbound email

When Insites sends an email, the default from address is However, if you are white-labeling Insites or using our inbound marketing tool, you may want to have these emails sent from your own address, e.g. instead.

Verification process

Before we can set up your custom outbound email address, you’ll first need to let us know which one to use as we will need to verify that you own this address to prevent them being marked as spam by the recipient. Please email your Insites digital account manager with the email address you wish to use.

We verify your ownership of the email address by sending a one-time confirmation link, but please ensure that somebody can access the inbox and that the email address accepts inbound messages, so that somebody can activate the link.

Once the verification process has been completed, this email address can be used for all outgoing email from your Insites account.

Additional customizations

It is also possible to further customize the outbound email, such as adding your own custom subject line when sending emails via our Inbound tool. The default subject line is “Your business report from: [business name]”, but this can be changed to your liking. To do so, please speak to your Digital Account Manager.

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