Custom domain names

You can access Insites via your own choice of domain name if you wish.

For example, if your company uses the web address you might wish to access Insites via or similar.

If you are setting up the inbound marketing tool, you’ll almost certainly want to set a custom web address to expose the tool to your users.


  • You will need some technical understanding of DNS. We do not recommend undertaking these steps unless you know what you are doing, you may break your domain name
  • Insites only supports subdomains and not domain apex ( = OKAY, = OKAY, = NOT ALLOWED)
  • Domain names cannot use underscores (_) as this has compatibility issues with Internet Explorer (e.g. = OKAY, = OKAY, = NOT ALLOWED)
  • We can support multiple host names if necessary.

Setting up a custom domain name

You will need control over the DNS of your domain name. Set up a CNAME record pointing to:

[CUSTOMER-ID] where CUSTOMER-ID is your unique customer ID.

Your CUSTOMER-ID will be provided to you by your Digital Account Manager once a custom domain has been decided.

You now need to let Insites know about your new domain, so we can accept your new DNS settings. Send us a support email.

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