Twitter test

What is it?

This test checks for the use of a Twitter account, and how that account is being used. It shows how the Twitter account(s) for this website compare with competitors you specify.

Why it matters

Twitter is one of the most popular social network in the world and a primary marketing channel for many organizations. This test allows you to easily benchmark your Twitter presence against other accounts you compete with or admire.

How to configure it

Insites attempts to determine what your Twitter account is automatically, by looking for links from your website to Twitter. If it is unsure, or cannot find a link, you will be prompted to specify these accounts manually.

You can also specify your competitors in two ways:

  • Insites will check any competitor websites you specify and try to find their Twitter accounts.
  • You can also specify Twitter accounts you compete with manually. Click Settings > Twitter settings and enter their Twitter addresses in the Competitor Twitter account URLs box.

How to use it

Insites lists any Twitter accounts it finds from this website and your competitors in a table:

For each account, you can see:

  • Current profile image
  • Current name
  • Website that the profile came from. (This is what was used to detect the account, not what the account links to on Twitter).
  • Number of followers
  • Tweets per week – the number of tweets added in the last 7 days

All of this data is only updated when a report is run.

What to do about it

You can’t directly control the number of Twitter followers you have, but you should be aware of the frequency (“Tweets per week”) of your most effective competitors, and be willing to roughly match or exceed that.

How it works

Insites looks for a link from a website to a Twitter account. If this doesn’t find aTwitter account you can specify one manually. See how Insites detects social media accounts.