Share by link API

This page explains how to use our API to generate a report link which can be publicly shared.

Generate a new shareable link

Method: POST
Request body should be JSON encoded, and can include the following fields:

Property Definition Required
report_id String – ID of report to share Yes
sections Array – The sections you would like to include in the shared link. Valid options are summary, detail, competitors, proposal and progress Yes
version_id String – The ID of a specific report version (defaults to latest if not provided). No
include_agent Boolean – Whether to include your company logo and sales rep name, phone number, job title etc as a header on the shared link. No
agent_username String – The Insites username from which to populate the header. Required if include_agent is true. No
brand_id NEW String – The ID of the brand that should be applied to the PDF (where the alternative brand feature is enabled). No


curl "" --header "api-key: [YOUR API KEY]" --data "{\"report_id\":\"ABDEFGH1234567890\",\"sections\":[\"summary\",\"detail\"]}"

Expected response

If successful, you would expect a 201 response, with a body like this:

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