Scheduled report API

This page explains how to use our API to schedule website reports in Insites.

Schedule a business report

Method: POST
Endpoint:[REPORT ID]/false

Request body should be JSON encoded, and can include the following fields:

Property Definition Example
run_date String – The UTC formatted date on which the report should run 2019-11-30T13:30:00
repeat_runs Boolean – Determines whether the reports should be repeated at certain intervals true
frequency Integer – Determines the how often reports should be repeated. Required if repeat_runs is true


frequency_unit String – Determines whether the frequency is in days, weeks or months. days
stop_automatically Boolean – Determines if the reports should stop after a certain number of repeats true
repeats_remaining Integer – Determines how many repeats should be executed. Required if stop_automatically is true 3
notify_contacts Boolean – Determines if a notification email should be sent when a scheduled report completes true
notification_emails JSON encoded string – Specifies the email addresses which will be notified if notify_contacts is true


notification_medium String – Determines whether the report should be shared as a pdf or a link pdf

Expected response

If successful, you would expect a 200 response.

Retrieve a business report schedule

Method: GET
Endpoint:[REPORT ID]/false

Expected response

If successful, you would expect a 200 response, with a body like this:

   "schedule": [SCHEDULE DATA]
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