Enterprise set-up

The lead generation landing page and reports can be customized to your requirements by Insites, but we will need certain information from you to enable us to do this.

Setting up the Inbound tool.

Choosing what information to capture

You can request any information that you could reasonably store in a text-based database, e.g. names, addresses, phone numbers. But every field you add will reduce the chance that someone completes a request, or fills in all of their information correctly. We recommend you keep your initial request simple.

To begin, we need the following:

  1. Your chosen user flow
    There are four different user flows available within the Inbound tool, so please let us know which one you prefer.
  2. Header design
    Your corporate brand design for header. You may also wish to include a CTA.
  3. Footer design
    Your corporate brand design for footer. You may also wish to include a CTA.
  4. Data fields
    What data fields do you want us to collect & store from your visitors? This can also include hidden fields for tracking.
    E.g. email, phone.
  5. Hostname
    Which web address do you want to use for the inbound tool? (must be a subdomain).  You will also need to configure your DNS to point at our servers. E.g. analysis.mywebsite.com
  6. Report view
    You can choose whether the visitor sees the “Overview” or “Detail” pane.
  7. Email notification (optional)
    If you wish to receive a notification when a lead generates a report, please supply the email address these should be sent to.
  8. Client email design (optional)
    If you wish for your client to receive a notification when their report is generated, we need your branded email template or a design. You may also wish to configure a custom outbound mailing address.
  9. Calls to action (optional)
    If you wish, you can add conditional calls to action inside the analysis.  In order to add these, we need designs for your CTAs.

Next steps

Once we have the required information from you, we can start customizing the Inbound tool accordingly. There will be some parts that require your attention still, including:

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