Overview of lead generation

Embed Insites analysis into your website and start collecting a stream of hot qualified leads.

Our self-serve lead generation widget is available to all customers and can be set-up from within your Insites account.

Enterprise partners can take advantage of more advanced features, such as CRM integration and bespoke customer journeys. To explore further, please contact your Insites account manager.

Typical user flow

Flow example of the inbound marketing tool

Common use cases

  1. Embed on your site to turn anonymous website visitors into qualified leads.
  2. Run an email campaign to existing customers as and highlight up-sell opportunities.
  3. Push social or search ads, promising a free website report, directly to a landing page to collect brand new leads.

Once the report is complete, your team will be instantly notified with the customer details. Your team can log in to Insites and see exactly the same report the customer generated. ┬áThe information that the tool captures is stored in Insites and can be seen alongside the website report. You can also download this information yourself at any time, within Insites’s user interface.

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