Enterprise landing page

To request a report, you will need a HTML form, or some other means of linking to a specific URL to request a report (e.g. a link from an email).

The form/link should point to your Insites inbound marketing tool as follows:



  • domain is the domain name of your Insites inbound marketing tool, e.g. http://reports.example.com.
  • url is the URL of the website you will be testing.

If you have custom fields that you wish to save, you should append these to your request URL as follows:

account_name + _ + field = value

For example, if your Insites account name is example and your custom field is email, then than query parameter might look like this:


Complete example

This URL would request a report for the Insites website, if your domain wasreports.example.com and you had a custom email field with a value of john@example.com:

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