Inbound marketing tool

Insites features an inbound marketing tool, which you can embed within your website, allowing members of the public to test their own businesses.

This public facing tool is custom branded for your organization. The tests that we run can be customized – for example, to focus on SEO, or social media, or the speed of a website. Specific data fields and calls to action can be integrated into your process: for example, you might ask for an email address before running a report, or recommend specific services you offer around the report.

You can also integrate the tool with your own email or advertising campaigns. Any reports run through the public facing tool become part of the same shared data you have inside Insites. So it’s possible to mine this data, and integrate it directly into your CRM process. For example: a prospect who runs a report can be automatically added to your Salesforce as a new lead.

Insites is fully white labeled, API driven, and fully customizable for you. We can develop custom tests and integrations on request. Find out more about pricing here. If you need any more details, contact us.

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