How Insites detects social media accounts

Insites uses a range of different techniques to identify the social media accounts for a given website. If Insites is unable to detect a specific account, this page will help explain why.

Detecting Facebook and Twitter for your own website

Insites scans every single page in your website to try to find links to a Facebook page and Twitter account:

  • Webpages are checked in the order they are discovered (i.e. homepage first).
  • Links, area maps, and common social plugins (e.g. Like buttons) are all recognized.
  • If more than one link to a social network is found on a webpage, that webpage is ignored. This is usually because pages that contain many links are referring to third parties, or are ambiguous.
  • All pages in desktop and mobile are tested, so long as they exist within the allowed URLs for the website.

Detecting Facebook and Twitter for competitor websites

The approach is similar to above, but Insites only downloads and scans the homepage for that website. This means if the homepage does not link to any social accounts, or is ambiguous (e.g. it links to more than one Facebook Page) then Insites will not detect them.

Manually overriding settings

You can specify the Facebook and Twitter accounts that a website uses manually. Click Settings and then either Facebook settings or Twitter settings.

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