Activity reports

Only administrators have access to the activity reporting within Insites.


The activity reports section is key to understanding how your teams are using Insites, and provides valuable key performance indicators too. Activity reports can be accessed by administrators by clicking on the profile silhouette and selecting Activity reports from the drop-down menu.

The reporting section is split into three key areas:

  1. Email tracking
  2. Usage over time
  3. Usage by user

Email tracking

Whenever a report is shared via Insites, activity on each email can be tracked. This includes when a client downloads the report sent to them, and how many times they have opened the report. The agent who created the report and shared it with the client will also be notified of any activity associated with their report via email. User agents will have access to some email tracking activity via the report settings.

For management purposes, administrators can gather email tracking information for all users. Within Email tracking, it is possible to filter by month, agent, domain and by status.

Usage over time

This report is particularly useful when monitoring how frequently Insites is used by user agents and keeps a record of the number of reports generated either by week or by month. Please note that this is not a live dashboard as the statistics are updated every four hours.

Usage over time also gives administrators important information that can be used when estimating billing charges, especially for any reports generated above the allowance included as part of your Insites plan.

It is also possible to download monthly or weekly reports as CSV files, which will provide additional information and include all the reports generated in that given period. Not only does this provide every report run in that given period, but it also includes the results of every report generated.

Usage by user

If you need detailed information about your users and how they utilize Insites, then the Usage by user report will provide statistics that can be used as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or can form the basis of management information reports. At a glance, administrators can see a list of all their agents and can compare key statistics. If you have a large number of users, it is possible to search for a particular user by name using the search bar at the top. You can also filter this report by date by clicking on the two date fields next to the user search bar and selecting a from and to date.

Configuring statistics shown

It is possible to customize which statistics are displayed in the Usage by user reports. A maximum of 4 statistics can be displayed at any one time and can be configured by clicking on the pencil icon and then selecting / deselecting those required. The current list includes:

  • Added an integration
  • Added competitor
  • Added custom logo
  • Added product
  • Added user
  • Changed report settings
  • Created proposal
  • Deleted product
  • Disabled summary point
  • Edited inbound settings
  • Edited product
  • Edited proposal
  • Edited user
  • Enabled summary point
  • Exported advanced statistics
  • Generated PDF
  • Logged in
  • Logged out
  • Removed an integration
  • Removed competitor
  • Removed user
  • Retested business
  • Searched business
  • Sent email
  • Tested business
  • Viewed PDF options
  • Viewed activity
  • Viewed advanced statistics
  • Viewed competitors
  • Viewed details
  • Viewed email page
  • Viewed present mode competitors
  • Viewed present mode details
  • Viewed present mode proposal
  • Viewed present mode summary
  • Viewed proposal
  • Viewed settings
  • Viewed summary
  • Viewed usage statistics

Exporting usage by user information

To export all usage by user information, select the icon below the user search bar that looks like a piece of paper with its corner folded over. You will then be given the option to export the statistics to a CSV file, either by using the fields currently selected or exporting all fields available:


Export statistics for all users by clicking on the paper icon below the search bar and selecting all fields or the current selection

Export statistics for all users

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