Updating the analysis

When Insites analyses a website, the results are stored as they were when the analysis was carried out. It is therefore important to understand that unless the report was carried out recently, the results may be outdated.

If a significant time period passes, then Insites will display a warning message indicating that the report you are viewing may be out of date. You will also be given the option to Refresh the results within this warning box.

The default period is set to warn users after 7 days, but this can be customized if required. To do this, please contact your Digital Account Manager.

Things to know before refreshing

Refreshing the results will count towards your monthly allowance. If you are over your allowance, then additional charges may be incurred.

Refreshing test results

You can update the analysis by doing one of the following:

  • Click on the Refresh button within the warning message when viewing an older report
  • Manually refresh the results.

To manually refresh the results, be sure you are in the report you want to refresh then click the circular arrow next to the business name (under Report for). The arrow will start spinning clockwise and a new progress bar will appear underneath, indicating that a new report is being generated

Regardless of the method you use to update the analysis, you will see a green message box indicating analysis complete along with a new button see new results, which once clicked will reload the report and display the latest results.

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