Detailed analysis

The detail screen expands on the information provided in the overview screen, giving additional information on how each particular test has scored for the site that has just been tested.

Selecting each section will display the name of the test followed by the outcome of how the site performed when being tested in this particular area, with checkpoints providing a visual indication of the result.

The tests displayed may vary depending on your setup, as Enterprise customers can customize the tests carried out as well as how much each test influences the overall score. Should Enterprise customers want to customize the tests carried out for their account, please contact your Digital Account Manager.

About this test

On each section, there is a link called About this test. Selecting this link will reveal additional information about that particular test, which you may find very useful.


Selecting the "About this test" link on the test will show additional information

About this test

Positive results, warnings and recommendations

Each test displays detailed information about the results found when Insites tested the site. Depending on the result, you may see different colored boxes on the pages that highlight either positive results, warnings and recommendations.

The color of the box determines whether the information is positive, a warning or a recommendation:

Positive result:
Positive information is enclosed within a green box

A warning is enclosed within a yellow box

Recommendations are enclosed within a blue box


In some tests, Insites utilizes third-party sources for the information and the results you see. These sources are cited and found at the bottom of the applicable tests, and include links to the providers’ websites where more information can be found. Not all tests use a third-party source, but it is important to understand where Insites sources its information in case a client has any questions about that particular test.

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