The score

Insites overview

Once Insites has finished analyzing a business, a score out of 100 will be generated. This is the overall score for the business, based on all the tests performed during the analysis (see the page on “What does Insites test for?” to get a more detailed overview of the tests involved). The higher the score, the better the website performed in the tests Insites performed.

You can find out more about these tests within the test in Insites itself. Look out for the “About this test” link within the detail section of each report.

These tests can be enabled or disabled as part of the account setup process, so not all may be tested by default. If you want to enable or disable any of the tests mentioned above, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Why it matters

It is important for businesses to understand how their website performs as this can have a direct impact on customers and their confidence in their business. Customers like to make informed decisions before engaging with a business, and the website is a key contributor to a customer’s confidence. Whilst the business owner may have invested in the development of their website already, it may not be performing as good as it could be in all areas. The score also identifies potential opportunities within that business in order to sell digital services as a way to improve.

How can the score be improved?

This all depends on how the website performed initially. The key to improving a website’s overall score is understanding where the business performed well and where it did not. You can get a more detailed overview of the score by heading into the Overview or Detail sections.

What a perfect 100 means

A score of 100 out of 100 in Insites essentially means the site test cannot be improved at all. Due to the nuances of all the tests Insites tests for, a perfect score is beyond the reach of all but a very small percentage of websites.

For example:

  • A perfect score for the Last Updated test means the website is being updated as often as the most updated websites in the world, such as Twitter
  • A perfect score for the Organic Search test means that the website is ranked number 1 for every desired keyword in every targeted search engine in the world
  • A perfect score for the Facebook Page test means that the website has a hugely popular Facebook Page that is one of the most popular in the world and is continuing to gain in popularity every day.

The chances of a website achieving a perfect 100 score are very slim, almost impossible. All tests carried out in Insites are relative measures and should be used to compare a website’s performance to another, such as a competitor. Improving a website to outperform a competitor is a better measure than trying to achieve a perfect 100 score.

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